“An amazing facial and massage” in Honiton Beauty
Amazing Facial and Massage in Honiton Beauty

“An amazing facial and massage” in Honiton Beauty

We love hearing feedback from our customers and we’ve just received some fabulous feedback from a customer who had one of our 60 minute signature facials in the past week.

“I said I would drop you a line as I had a facial with Chloe yesterday. I’ve never had a facial like that it was amazing. Also I reckon she has healing hands!”

“I had a very bad car crash in my 20’s. I broke my arm in 24 places and did all sorts to my shoulder.  Put it this way if anyone accidentally bangs my shoulder or when I was work came up behind me, you know how people do,  they either  pat you on the shoulder or give you a pretend massage  I’d wince and tell them to go away.”

“I told Chloe and her massage was great. Using the same pressure on both sides I never had any pain at all. I was pretty astounded & in fact I slept better last night.”

“Also I popped into the local pub up the road … the owner and chef said I looked amazing. I then told him I had just had a facial & told him about that wonderful massage. He has a bad shoulder or rather he said it aches a lot using that arm all the time cooking & lifting heavy utensils.  I gave him Chloe’s details & he said when he gets some time. He will definitely book a massage. “

Davina has already booked her next treatment with us!

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